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D.A.S. freie Orchester
Die Arroganten Sorben
Gruppe Moderner Musik (Dresden) / GMMD
D.K.P. (D.A.S. Krach Projekt)
1989 - 1992
D.A.S.  "Aux"  -  CD
für 10,- Euro inkl. Porto/Verpackung bei

Die lange verschollenen Masterbänder, wiederentdeckt im Archiv, re-mastered und zur CASSIBER Gründung 1999 auf CD veröffentlicht. Die legendären NOISEWORKS “Erfinder” mit den ersten drei Labelproduktionen der Tape Art Phase und ihren wegweisenden Jazz-Noise-Industrial-Free-Works aus den bewegten Anfangsjahren 1989 bis 1991. Produziert von Frank Bretschneider (AG.Geige, Raster-Noton, Mille Plateaux) und der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek. Editiert von D.A.S. Mastermind Frank Lech (Hamburg), Artwork von Kazimir Glaz (Toronto).
D.A.S.  "Dossier 1989"  -  Video CD
für 8,- Euro inkl. Porto/Verpackung nur bei

Alle digitalisierten Super-8 Filme (mit Kratz-, Kolorier- und Übermaltechnik im Original) von D.A.S., die so Teil der Live-Performance von 1989 bis 1991 waren.

V/A  "Das dreidimensionale Möbiusband" - 2xCD-Audio + 1xCD-ROM
(Import Japan) für 25,- Euro inkl. Porto + Verpackung bei

ART WORK. The strictly limited music set consists on 2 x 12cm sized CD Audio compilations and 1 x 8cm sized data CD ROM in a plastic tube loop designed for collectors and freaks. Extraordinary packing with avantgarde sounds between electronics and noise. A world-wide project of bands, artists and collectives from Asia, Europe and America.
This CD compilations set released by Japanese label Flying Swimming, compiled by Mr. Kouchei (Mille Plateaux, Tigerbeat6). Featuring the D.A.S. track “Kreis der Fuenf” (taken from CD album “Aux”, 1999 – recorded at studio Sonnenklang II, Feb. 1991 - composed by Franz Lech & D.A.S.). The compilation will be promoted in Japanese magazines like NTT (icc), BT (Bijutsu-Techou/BSS), Fader, Headz (Atsushi sasaki/meme).

Tracks by:  Achim Wollscheid, Asmus Tietchens, Conrad Schnitzler, Darius Ciuta, DAS, Es, Felipe Caramelos, Frans de Waard, Ilpo Väisänen, John Watermann, Juozas Milasius, Kouhei, Leif Elggren, Liddikoatight, Merzbow, RLW, Spectre, Trevor Wishart with Martin Mayes, The Animist Orchestra (Jeph Jerman).  Package: Isamu Nakamura.  Draw: Jiro Miyake
>>> A Homage of Moebiusband. Moebiusband is the building block for non-orientable surfaces. It is formed by joining the ends of a rectangle with a twist. And the boundary curve never reaches. Although, the mutual relation of 3CDs are in the same emvelopes, it gained the different coordinates point by characterizing its motif. if there are no air, those CD cases were not made as products, of course. By using such an ambivalent CD case (not an ordinarly case/cover), musicians now are able to tell you without letting you hear what that is. The aspect-structured (wrap-able) CD case could be an ultimate architecture.

http://www.ffss.info/FlyingSwimming/kouhei/main.htm Kouhei Matsunaga (owner of Flying Swimming) as artist performed w/ Merzbow, Pan Sonic, Spectre, Mika Vainio, De Fabriek and many more.

Japanese label Flying Swimming run by Kouhei (Mille Plateaux, Tigerbeat6) has released in 2003 the CD noise compilation "Das dreidimensionale Möbiusband" (fs 00001) featuring D.A.S. with track "Kreis der Fuenf" (taken from CD album "Aux", 1999 – recorded at studio Sonnenklang II, Feb. 1991 - composed by Franz Lech & D.A.S.).
The compilation was promoted in Japanese magazines like NTT (icc), BT (Bijutsu-Techou/BSS), Fader, Headz (Atsushi sasaki/meme).

19 Music and an Architecture - 2 Music CD + 1 CD Rom
Achim Wollscheid | Asmus Tietchens | Conrad Schnitzler | DAS | Darius Ciuta | Es | Frans de Waard | Ilpo Vaisanen (Pan Sonic) | The Animist Orchestra (Jeph Jerman and so on) | John Watermann | Juozas Milasius | kouhei | Leif Elggren | Liddikoatight | Felipe Caramelos | Merzbow | RLW | Spectre | Trevor Wishart
Package Design by Isamu Nakamura (Architecture)
Label No : fs00001
Release date : May 2003
Price : Y3,500 (Japan) // $29.00 (USD)
If "Das dreidimensionale Möbiusband" is folded up, it will become 18cm long and 14cm wide size.
THE GROUWEN  "King Midas" - CDR
für 6,- Euro inkl. Porto + Verpackung bei

NW.C 006  Re-release of an early Noiseworks tape/MC (recorded 12./13.11.1990 at Studio RH 51) - the official (?) Dada soundtrack of falling Berlin Wall, nonsens tracks made by the two young physicists Andreas Tillmann & Karsten Zinsik in Karl-Marx-Stadt, and the infectious unforgetable loop-voice of Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler (chief propaganda clown on former East German TV channel DDR1 | "Der scharze Kanal").
"Liebliche Melodien, Vermona-style Elektronik & Ostblock Drum Machines, 70's Röhrenorgeln und japanischen Digitalsynthesizer auf ein Tape gemixt."
  D.A.S. Tape Art
1988/1989  early noise recordings using Czech 4-track machine @ Studio 'High Life' aka Volkmar's flat called 'The Communist Cell' (rec. 01.04.1989, re-mix 29.10.1990) °

D.A.S. Cover - live recorded home tape, early 1989  (M. Boin)

1989  “Fighting Arts” (Sorbische Partisanen) °

1990  „The Sound Of Silence“
*1*AWAKEN...from life *2*RED IDOLS...to Erich, Harry and Guenther *3*A...seismic version *4*VAKUUM...filling *5*STOLEN LYRICS... *6*FEEDBACK...a kind of noise pollution *7*U...like telephune tulk *8*HYMN...with strange behavior  (recorded live in January 1990)
1990  “The S.O.S. Remixed Versions”

1990  “D.A.S. Moment 1985-1990” (artwork & poems & lyrics)

Register Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig


Karsten Zinsik & "Les sorabes arrogants", DAS : Programme, Texte, Gedichte und Reflektionen zur NOISE-Oper "The sounds of silence", Uraufführung: 29. Januar 1990 "Im B 612", Chemnitz (ddr)


Chemnitz : Noiseworks Cass.




[21] Bl. ; 30 cm


geh. in Umschlag


49 Theater, Tanz, Film ; 59 Belletristik


1990 B 7955

1990  “Dossier '89 - D.A.S. Film” (1990 Super-8; 2005 Video CD)

1990  “Liste 8” (DKP!) *
1991  “Werke von Franz Lech”
1991  „Sinfonia Brutalis, op. 51“1999  “Aux”
1991  „Alles ist wichtig“ (DKP!) *
1997  Compilation “8”
1999  “Aux”
Register Sächsische Landesbibliothek Dresden








Lech, Franz


Gruppe Moderner Musik <Dresden>

Weitere Titel

Werke / Ausw.





Weitere Personen

Komposition und Klangregie: Franz Lech. Gruppe Moderner Musik




Noiseworks Records


P 1999




1 CD ; 12 cm




Enth.: A.R. : op. 11 (septett). Nicht weiter : op. 39 (trio). Prelude für Violine op. 22 (solo) [EST: Preludes, Vl op. 22]. Mann am Tisch - ein Regiemonolog : op. 31 (trio). Volubilité; Kreis der Fünf; Negation; Ohne Bezeichnung [EST: Sinfonia brutalis / Ausw.]. - Aufn.: Studio der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek Dresden, 1990 (Werke); Studio Sonnenklang, 1991 (Sinfonia brutalis op. 51)






LSTO: 72

* by T.O.TAL
° by Kaa-65 + Hoer OFF



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